Scott Pilgrim VS. YOUR FACE!


My love affair with Scott Pilgrim began 4 years ago…when I started my job at the comic book shop. I always stopped by on Wednesdays and spent a meager amount, but when you work for a comic shop, you can read comics FOR FREE! You also get a discount. So, as I was hired on for my knowledge concerning Vertigo and DC comics, I also was introduced to indie comics on a more in-depth level.

Scott Pilgrim is the king of indie comics. You must have seen or heard of Watchmen last year? Did you also hear about how it’s the greatest graphic novel of all time and it changed the scope of comics? I’m not saying that’s my opinion (that’s a whole other discussion), but I guarantee if you bring up Watchmen in a comic shop…someone will say something to that effect. Anyway, Scott Pilgrim is the Watchmen of indie comics. Everyone loves it and it’s the first thing that gets recommended.

I was surprised to see that so many people who were excited about the movie had never heard of the comic. Not actually important.

Scott Pilgrim is about a charming (well…in theory) but irresponsible twenty-something. He’s kind of a jerk, kind of in a band, and is kind of dating a high schooler. That is, until he meets Ramona Flowers…in his dreams. Literally. Then, as it were, he finds out she’s real and they start dating. You’ve seen the hype. She’s got seven evil exes that Scott will need to defeat if he plans on continuing to date her.

This movie stays true to the source material more than anything, though the plot has its differences. The first 3 volumes (there are 6) of the comic were fantastic, then they went downhill. Still good, but really mopey and read more like drafts than finished work. Watching the beginning half of the movie is just like reading the book, and then gets rushed towards the last half hour. If you’re going to fight seven evil exes…shouldn’t the last 3 be more difficult than the first? Even though, I’m set to say that the movie ending was better than the book. In the end, all that mattered to me was that all the cool stuff was left in: Nega Scott and the Vegan Police…among others.

And as far as I concerned…Michael Cera can be a real person. He’s earned it, but he can very easily lose that status and go back to being a blob of baby fat. Uninteresting baby fat with a monotone voice.

I gave Scott Pilgrim 9 out of 10 Moldy Peaches songs.


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