Steppin On Up to the East Side!


Oh, what can I even say about the third installment of the Step Up…franchise?  I’ll tell you what…HILARIOUS!

They can’t possibly make these movies any funnier.  I say, if you want the laugh riot of the year…go see Step Up 3-D. 

This particular Step Up is about a kid named Moose who has just graduated from high school and is starting at NYU as an engineering major.  Poor Moose has given up dancing because it isn’t what will get him a job and it isn’t practical.  Not 5 minutes after telling his parents that he promises to give up dancing, does he follow some shoes (no joke) to a sort of “battle” going on and gets willingly pushed into it?!  Then some pretty boy tells him he was born to dance and enlists him to dance with his “crew”.  They have to win the next big dance competition or else pretty boy’s ex-dance buddy will buy his warehouse from the bank.  Oh right, and the writers have learned how to put a twist into the plot!  Hilarious!

I’ll make this a short review because, let’s face it…you don’t care, and I don’t either.  I have three things to say about Step Up 3-D.  One:  There are a whole bunch of people I recognize from So You Think You Can Dance.  Two: Why the hell did they even make this movie in 3 dimensions?  The 3-D sucked so bad that the Jackass movie looks better!  Three:  This movie has lost all credibility with me.  I’ll admit I’ve seen all three and the others at least had some semblance of dance in them.  This one seemed like fake hip hop.  It was a whole lot of seizures that were somehow mistook for dancing.  That is all.

I give Step Up 3-D 5 out of 10 Channing Tatums for being hilarious…

PS I totally forgot.  At one point, the girl character said that she was close with her older brother, and I was on pins and needles waiting for it to be Channing…but it wasn’t.


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